Who are We Fight Any Claim?

We Fight Any Claim is one of the most successful Claims Management Companies in the UK. Based in Cwmbran, south Wales, we’re leading the fight to help consumers reclaim the billions of pounds they paid for Payment Protection Insurance (PPI).

PPI was mis-sold to millions of people, and although we’ve already claimed back more than £350 million in offers for over 200,000 customers, there are billions still waiting to be claimed.

We’ll tell you completely free of charge if you were affected by PPI. If you were and you want to use our service (there’s no obligation to do so), we’ll only charge you if your claim is successful – it’s that simple.

Once you have recieved your pack, you can activate and log in to your online account on our website. Here you can track the progress of your claims and even take advantage of our exclusive customer discounts and offers from our trusted partners.

We’re not a nuisance PPI company, we’re the name that you want on your side. Your money is worth fighting for, so let us do just that.

Why are we here?

Quite simply to help you get back what’s yours.

You’ll hear on the news and consumer programmes that it’s really easy to claim back your mis-sold PPI yourself. We disagree.

We believe that the banks and other lenders don’t really want to pay the money back, and to be frank, no one has told them that they have to. To get your money back you have to “claim” it, and provide evidence that it was mis-sold in the first place. That’s why around 5 million claims have been rejected so far.

If your claim is rejected, you can always take it to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). The FOS is unbiased and is supposed to help consumers resolve disputes with financial services. You’d expect this to be a simple process, yet they expect you to fill in a 14 page form, and more than half the claims that are referred to them are rejected.

We don’t think the FOS is being fair to consumers, and that’s why we’re fighting their decisions and taking them to a judicial review on behalf of thousands of our customers. Or to put it bluntly, we’re taking them to court and suing them.

We don’t believe you should have to fight so hard for something that you’re entitled to. We don’t promise to win your claim in every case, but we do promise to use all of our expertise, knowledge and experience to fight on your behalf and give you the best possible chance of getting your money back. We also promise we won’t stop fighting for you.

What makes us different?

Thanks to the approach we take, we think we’re the most successful company in our industry. We represent our clients ethically, professionally and effectively. And we never give up.

We’ll tell you for free if you were affected by PPI. If you were, and you want us to represent you, we will. We won’t pressure you into a decision though, it’s your call.

Our scale and approach mean that where we find (or you remember) you had one PPI policy, we’ll often find others you’ve forgotten about or never even knew you had. Astonishingly, 84%* of our successful customers didn’t think PPI had affected them.

*Figures relate to the month of May 2017

Remember: 30 million people were sold PPI, but there were 60 million policies taken out. So it pays to look properly.

Once we’ve done our digging, we’ll talk to you about the sale of the PPI. We’ll then ask you some key questions to help us present your claim in the most effective way, and complete the relevant documents. If the lender won’t agree to compensate you, we’ll take the case to the FOS. And if FOS rejects your claim at the first “adjudication” stage, we’ll appeal it to an “Ombudsman”.

We’ve invested a huge amount of time, money and expertise into developing our systems to allow us to create and present a strong legal argument and this can be tailored to each customer’s unique circumstances when submitting their claim.

We’re proud to have some of the highest win rates in the industry, and having already fought and reclaimed over £350 million in offers for our customers, We Fight Any Claim promise to fight for you, every step of the way.

What we charge

Our initial investigation into whether you’d been sold PPI is completely free, and there’s no obligation to continue with our service beyond this.

If you were affected by PPI and want us to proceed with your claim, we’ll only charge 33% (inclusive of any VAT) if we win. If we don’t win, you owe us nothing. What’s more, we’ll never ask you for payment until you’ve received yours.

Remember, it’s your money, not the banks, and we believe it’s worth fighting for.

Get in touch

To get started with a free PPI check, simply fill in an enquiry form, or call us on 0800 355 0000.

Should you have any questions while your claim is being processed, or if you need help completing your application, find the right person to call on our Contact Page.

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