Would you choose to represent yourself in a court of law, or would you prefer a ‘specialist’ to represent your case?

There are lots of occasions in life where you may choose to engage the services of a specialist individual or organisation to represent you. Choosing a Claims Management Company to act on your behalf when claiming back mis-sold PPI is no different, but what do you actually get for our 29% fee?

We absolutely believe that the service We Fight Any Claim provides is the most comprehensive of any claims management company. Our rigorous processes and professional relationship with most of the big lenders means that, wherever we find PPI to exist, we are able to explore every instance where you may have been mis-sold it in the last 20 years …not just the ones you can remember!

Our aim is to make the process as simple and stress free as possible for our customers, whilst we work hard behind the scenes – many claims will be worked on by 20 or more of our knowledgeable staff to ensure that no stone is left unturned, and the maximum compensation is returned to its rightful owner…YOU! But what does our process involve and why is it successful?

What you have to do

Data gathering

We Fight Any Claim Data Gathering

You tell us: full name, any previous name(s), DOB, current and previous address history (6 years minimum, 15 years or more preferable to help lenders locate your accounts), the creditor name and type of agreement (no account numbers needed), and, for joint agreements, the name and DOB for the second person. We will then send you a Claim Pack in the post.

The Claim Pack

We Fight Any Claim The Claim Pack

When you have read the documents you just need to: sign the LOA (Letter of Authority), which tells your creditor that you give us the authority to deal with them on your behalf, (but only for the purposes of exploring and claiming any mis-sold PPI). The LOE (Letter of Engagement), which confirms to us that you are happy with our terms & conditions of service and are happy to proceed with us to attempt to find and reclaim any mis-sold PPI. Then simply return these together with the Creditor List to us in the pre-paid envelope provided.

The Claim

We Fight Any Claim The Claim

Once we identify any PPI, we will contact you by telephone or letter to gather any further information that may be required to progress a claim on your behalf.

What we do

Where We Start

We Fight Any Claim Where We Start

We liaise with your creditors to first find out if PPI ever affected you, also we are made aware of any extra agreements with the creditor that you may not have even remembered – We have built a streamlined but detailed process with most of the major banks/creditors whereby not only will they tell us if the agreement(s) you have told us about had PPI attached, they will also provide us with a complete list of your credit agreements held with that lender and if any of these additional agreements had PPI attached to them.We believe this gives us a better chance of finding more PPI than if you were to go through the free process yourselves as there is no legal obligation on the lenders to do so. From our investigations into how customers can do it themselves, we believe the only way a consumer who is claiming themselves might be able to get something comparable in terms of finding forgotten credit agreements is to pay for a request for disclosure of your personal data under the Data Protection Act with the lender. As suggested, that request is not usually free, and it also can take up to 40 days for them to return all the documentation to you, which you then have to search though to find any evidence of PPI. Essentially, we know that when consumers engage We Fight Any Claim to reclaim their mis-sold PPI for them that we very often find agreements that the customer has not even told us about as they may have forgotten.

Where our enquiries reveal that PPI was attached to your agreement(s), we will contact you to start the claims process. Our system is set up to look for as many opportunities as possible for our customers, which is something than not all companies can claim.

If the lender says they cannot locate you or your account details, instead of just giving up, we continue to work as your agent to get this stage of the process completed. In many cases we also have processes that allow us to pursue the PPI insurance policy underwriter - even if the lender does not provide the details of the underwriter.

GOOD NEWS and Additional Data Gathering

We Fight Any Claim Good News and Additional Data Gathering

We contact you to inform you if we’ve found PPI (that’s the good news) along with telling you about any additional agreements we often get informed of. We find literally thousands of cases a month where the customer did have PPI, in the majority of these the customer did not even know they had it. Once we find the PPI we begin the process of making the claim for you. Our in-depth “Basis of Claim” process allows us to gather the additional information from you in as much detail as is needed by the lender to investigate the claim for mis-sold PPI thoroughly and in a timely manner. Around 80% of the successful customers we deal with tell us that before we contacted them they were unsure or unaware they had PPI on one or more of their credit agreements.

Our Basis of Claim process is complex for us yet simple for you. We ask a series of questions to ascertain on what grounds your PPI may have been mis-sold to you.

Once we have that information, we put together a comprehensive, factual and robust case to your lender for the claim for your mis-sold PPI. We also provide a copy of this information for your own records. After submitting your case we wait for the lender to issue their decision.

Decision comes back from lender – if successful, you get your money!

We Fight Any Claim Decision Comes Back From Lender

Based on the comprehensive, factual and robust case we present, the lender then decides whether to uphold or reject your complaint.

If the complaint is upheld you can expect to receive your compensation within 12 weeks of the decision. This will usually get paid directly into your bank account, but sometimes it may be a cheque.

Only after you receive your compensation payment do we then ask you for our fee of 29% inclusive of VAT which can be paid over the phone or on our website on our Pay My Fee page, or by cheque.

If your complaint is rejected, we will carefully re-examine the full details of the case along with the lender’s decision. We will then contact you to discuss matters together with any further evidence that may allow us to appeal your claim. Ultimately if there is no further progress we can obtain with the lender directly then the information we will have gathered should enable us to submit the case to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) to ask them to independently examine your claim and decide if your lender has wrongly rejected your claim and should now pay you compensation. In their most recent update (http://www.ombudsman-complaints-data.org.uk/) the FOS explain they currently find in favour of the consumer in 69% of PPI cases. (*1 Jul to 31 Dec 2015)

As already mentioned, if a lender is unwilling or unable to deal with your claim, or if they are protected or not liable due to FCA regulation, we can in many cases pursue your claim directly with the PPI insurance policy underwriter. Many other PPI companies do not offer this service and simply accept the lender’s refusal to deal with a claim at this point.

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