Deadline for making claims and FCA

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has announced that they want to impose a deadline for consumers to make a claim for mis-sold PPI. If that goes ahead, people will only have until 29th August 2019 to submit their claim.

The FCA is imposing this deadline even though there are roughly 40 million cases that could still be claimed on. Worst of all, thousands upon thousands of people don’t even know this product was sold to them.

We believe the FCA’s decision is unlawful, and fundamentally wrong. They’re supposed to protect consumers not banks. That’s why we’re fighting it.

We told the FCA last year that if they went ahead we’d take them to court to put a stop to this. So that’s what we’re going to do. We’ll keep you updated on our website as things develop.

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Timeline of scandal


Citizens Advice launches a super-complaint, labelling PPI a ‘protection racket’. The Financial Services Authority mystery shopping exercise reveals failings.


Office of Fair Trading investigates PPI, then refers it to Competition Commission for more in-depth probe.


FSA fines lenders over PPI failings, including £7m on Alliance & Leicester.


A form of PPI known as ‘single premium’ is banned by the FSA.


New rules cracking down on how PPI is sold are introduced and the Competition Commission bans sale of PPI at the same time as loans.


The High Court rules that customers can claim for mis-sold PPI going back many years. Lloyds Banking Group are the first to decide not to appeal, other banks follow.


Lloyds is fined £4.3m for delaying payouts.


Landmark Supreme Court ‘Plevin’ judgment around unfair commission.


Financial Conduct Authority fines Lloyds another £117m over mishandling claims. FCA says it wants to apply a two-year deadline to PPI claims 2017.


We Fight Any Claim take FOS to court over the failure to apply complaint handling rules. FOS agrees to re-review process.


We Fight Any Claim looking to take FOS back to court for not completing the review as agreed.

We Fight Any Claim also looking to take FOS to judicial review for its overall handling of consumer complaints.


FCA confirms the deadline will be August 2019.


We Fight Any Claim taking FCA to judicial review for imposing an “unfair and illegal” deadline for PPI cases.

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