Cold Calling - a statement from We Fight Any Claim

Cold Calling - a statement from We Fight Any Claim

Aug 28, 2017


Here at We Fight Any Claim, we are sometimes accused of ‘cold calling’ but following recent reports of record fines given to two UK companies for their high volume of nuisance ‘cold calls’, we would like to clarify our own position on this emotive topic. 

Managing Director Simon Chorlton explains: 

“At We Fight Any Claim it is our policy that we do not cold call and that is a policy we strictly adhere to. The significant majority of our contact information is provided by external telephone survey companies following a positive response to our PPI related question.  This basically means that, typically within 48 hours of a telephone survey with one of our data providers being completed, that customer's information will be passed on to us for follow up if they opted in and consented to that contact."

We believed it was necessary to make this clarification following last week’s news story concerning Home Energy & Lifestyle Management (Helms) who were issued with a massive £200,000 fine for breaching marketing regulations.  From October to December last year, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) received 242 complaints about the Glasgow company who were offering customers ‘free’ solar panels.

Helms are not the only company to have been hit with fines from the ICO recently – just last month, Cold Call Elimination Ltd based in Chichester were fined £75,000 for ‘aggressive’ cold calls…the very things their service and device is designed to block!

Simon Chorlton added:

“We do get accused of ‘cold calling’ but all the data which we buy is acquired in good faith on the understanding that the person we are trying to contact may be interested in, and benefit from, our service.  It is possible that several days may have passed since they completed the telephone survey and sometimes people do forget they answered positively during that survey.  We continue to strengthen the already rigorous processes currently in place to ensure all data we use is acquired in accordance with regulatory requirements. Ultimately, our goal is simply to help consumers who may have been mis-sold PPI reclaim money which is rightfully theirs."

Written by We Fight Any Claim

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