Countdown To The Deadline


Countdown To The Deadline

Aug 14, 2019

For a decade now We Fight Any Claim has lead the fight to help consumers reclaim money they could be owed for a mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance policy. Against the tide, we have campaigned to ensure that everyone knows of the injustice that millions of people faced at the hands of the banks.

Whilst the media waged war on the Claims Management Industry, seemingly intent on discouraging those affected from trying to reclaim, we continued to communicate the truth – that PPI was a toxic product that for many customers wasn’t wanted or needed.  

We were outraged to learn that the Financial Conduct Authority – an establishment meant to protect the consumer – had set a time bar, after which no new PPI claims could be started. Of course we challenged this decision, taking the case to court but alas, we did not win. So here we are, with just one month left until the deadline.

So far £35.7 billion has been paid back to those affected by the UK’s largest financial scandal. However, of the money set aside by the banks to repay customers, there is still an estimated £10 billion to be reclaimed.  This means that almost a quarter of those affected have still to claim back money that it rightfully theirs!

We urgently encourage consumers to check whether they could potentially be owed money for a mis-sold PPI policy. There are various online tools you can access for free to help you start your own claim or you can enlist our help.  

With relatively little information we will investigate whether you were ever sold a PPI policy. If we find you were, and we believe it was mis-sold, our experts will put together a strong legal case to ensure that we reclaim what is rightfully owed. Because it is not just nuisance PPI, and whether it is £750 or £75,000 it is your money and it is worth fighting for, but you have to act now. Click the LINK and start your claim today before it’s too late!

Written by We Fight Any Claim

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