Peter's Pursuing Pole Position


Peter's Pursuing Pole Position

Aug 28, 2017

This weekend sees the second round of MRO Powerbikes at Snetterton Circuit in Norwich, and one of We Fight Any Claim’s sponsored riders, Peter Baker, won’t settle for anything less than a clean sweep!

“I want Pole Position and to win all four races – simple as that!  I had a few technical issues with the bike on the Sunday of the last round, which cost me some points so I have a bit of making up to do.  Thankfully the bike is fully functional now after more financial investment…we’re good to go.  It’s a full on few days, six testing sessions on Friday, qualifying and two races on Saturday then a warm up session on Sunday followed by two more races to finish off the event.”

Pete began his racing career in 1995 and has gone on to win more than 20 titles – he hasn’t finished out of the Top 3 in any MRO Powerbike Championship season he has competed in.

“The major difference from when I began racing to now is the level of professionalism.  When I started it was fairly low key, people would turn up with their bike on a trailer, manage the upkeep of the bike themselves, compete and go home.  It’s changed so much.  Everyone has motor homes and bigger support teams, and obviously the bike specifications have improved massively too.  Along with those changes comes the financial side of the sport, which is why I’m grateful to We Fight Any Claim and my other sponsors for their support.  It’s an expensive way to ‘relax’, but I’ve the desire to win and I’m more than capable, so I can hopefully repay the sponsors faith with more good results!”

The Snetterton Circuit holds lots of fond memories for Pete - it was the first track he competed on 20 years ago.

“It’s my home track, a lot of good things have happened here for me.  That’s why it will be extra special to have my Sponsors Dinner on Saturday evening, a chance to get everyone together.  It’s the first time it’s happened so I’m really looking forward to that too.”

2009 was Pete’s most successful season as he won the MRO Powerbike Championship, the Thundersport GP1 Championship and the Champion of Brands.  Pete’s wealth of knowledge and experience is being put to good use, as he ismentoring James Chorlton, also sponsored by We Fight Any Claim, in his initial BMCRC Rookie 1000 season.

“James is doing so well, it’s great to see him improving each outing and overcoming obstacles to make him a more confident rider.  It’s an absolute pleasure seeing him grow, and I know how much he loves racing.  He dropped a few points in the wet last time out, so we’ve been working on this and talking through some scenarios to gain any advantage we can.  Bikers are a very passionate bunch, we love sharing our experiences and enthusiasm for the sport.  I didn’t have a mentor when I started racing, and tracks were closed – the first chance you got to ride the circuit was during the event.  Nowadays, anyone can book to ride the circuits even on their road bikes.  Things have changed a lot.”

“Practise, preparation and confidence are key factors in this sport – it makes a massive difference to have the right people around you.  Both James and I are lucky to have such great family, friends, supporters and sponsors, so we can continue to do what we love…and keep winning!”

Written by We Fight Any Claim

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