The August 29th PPI deadline will be here soon


The August 29th PPI deadline will be here soon

May 28, 2019

If you still haven’t made your claim for a PPI refund you need to act soon. There is an official deadline of August 29th this year to make a claim for mis-sold PPI, and if you haven’t started your claim by then it will be too late.

So far the banks have paid out over £34bn in mis-sold PPI, with 95% of complaints being made against the same 23 companies. These are high street banks many people have had accounts with over the years, as such there’s a good chance that you may have had PPI added to your accounts without you knowing.

In fact, 84% of our customers didn’t even realise they had PPI.

At We Fight Any Claim we can run a free PPI check for you to see if you have a claim. The PPI check costs you absolutely nothing and there’s no obligation to proceed*. Allowing us to check for you could mean a refund of thousands – the average offer amount that our successful customers have received since we launched in 2010 is £2678.

In total, we have now received offers of over £500m for our customers. Don’t miss out on your PPI refund. You can start an online claim with us on our website, or call 0800 355 0000 if you’d rather do it over the phone.

Don’t miss out – start your claim today!





* You only pay a fee if we achieve a successful outcome for you. You do not need to use a claims management company to claim for mis-sold PPI. Please see our Terms and Conditions for our cancellation policy.

Written by We Fight Any Claim

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