Why Have You Not Claimed?


Why Have You Not Claimed?

Aug 14, 2019

We know many of you are sick of hearing about ‘PPI’. In fact, it may have annoyed you so much that you have made the decision not to even bother checking if you are owed compensation. However, what you must remember is that it’s not nuisance PPI, it’s your money and it’s worth fighting for.

Alternatively, you may be one of the people adamant they never took out PPI, which is why you have chosen not to check if you were affected. What can be frustrating for us – the people trying to make sure no one misses out on reclaiming money that is rightfully theirs – is that more often than not customers do not fully understand how or why they could have been affected.

Below we have compiled a list of the most common mis-conceptions we hear from customers as a reason why they have decided not to make a claim:

·         "I have lost my paperwork so cannot make a claim" – Have you been putting off starting your PPI claim because you can’t find your paperwork? It may help you to know that we can often investigate whether you have been mis-sold PPI without any account information or paperwork. Our advisors can look back to agreements taken out up to 30 years ago, sometimes without the need for any additional information. We can also look back to agreements older than 30 years, but we will need some account information or paperwork to do so.

·         "I already checked my PPI and was told I didn’t have any to claim" – Many people have previously used a claims management company, or have gone directly to their banks, only to be told they did not have any PPI to claim on. Many of the banks were in fact fined for wrongfully rejecting customers’ claims. Whilst many would have given up at this point, some customers gave it a second try with We Fight Any Claim and went on to have a successful claim. Just because you have been turned down in the past that doesn’t mean you haven’t been affected. It’s worth one last shot before the deadline!              

·         "I went to my bank and they paid me back" – That’s great! However, what about financial agreements you have had with other lenders? What about store cards or catalogues? Is it not worth one final check to make sure there are no other agreements you may have had? When you speak to our advisors they will ask you about your financial history to see if we can find PPI on agreements you may not have considered. 

·         "I told the bank I didn’t want PPI" – Unfortunately sometimes that wasn’t enough to stop the banks from adding it to your agreement ! Many of our customers told the banks they did not want or need PPI, but have gone on to receive compensation. Shockingly, in 2018, 85% of our customers were completely unaware they had PPI in the first place, yet we managed to secure a refund!

·         "I would never have qualified for PPI so I didn’t take it out" – Unfortunately that doesn’t always  mean the banks wouldn’t have added it to your agreement anyway .  Many of our customers told the banks they did not want or need PPI, but have gone on to receive compensation.

·         "I can’t remember all the agreements I have had in the past" – Remembering what happened last week is hard enough let alone thinking back to financial agreements long gone! But don’t worry. Simply tell us what you can remember and we will go from there. Our in depth investigation often uncovers financial agreements that our customers have forgotten about.

If you have chosen not to check whether you are owed compensation as a result of the common mis-conceptions above, then we urge you to reconsider and start your claim before it’s too late! 29th August 2019 is the PPI deadline date, after which no new claims can be instigated and any compensation owed will be lost. Don’t miss out on money that you could be owed. Start your claim today!

Written by We Fight Any Claim

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