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PLEASE NOTE – you do not have to use a claims management company to help you if you don’t want to. You can contact each of your lenders individually and prepare each one of the claims that you’ll have to submit. You can also communicate directly with each of your lenders, dealing with any queries that they have. If you’re not happy with their responses, you also have the right to raise these with the Financial Ombudsman Service, who will consider your claims. You don’t have to pay to contact your lenders or to go to the Ombudsman. Alternatively, you can contact We Fight Any Claim, who will do a check for you to see if you have grounds for making PPI claims. We’ll then help you through the process. You only pay a fee if we get a successful outcome for you. If we don’t, you don’t pay anything.

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"Excellent service, everyone I spoke to was very polite and answered any queries that I had. Would recommend to anyone."

Mrs Julie Richards