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When we first began speaking to John Cleese about the PPI scandal he immediately grasped the shocking scale of the injustice. We were thrilled when he agreed to work with us, to bring this understanding to the British public and to help us recover the billions of pounds owed to millions of people by the banks. And that’s why he’s appearing across all of our media channels in our new brand campaign. This includes TV, Radio, Out of Home, Press and social media. 

In his own words

You can also hear John speaking off camera about his outrage at the banks and the scale of the PPI scandal here in these candid, exclusive interviews.

The British people have been led to believe that the PPI scandal is old news, but this is far from the truth. We have set out to reset the picture and tell the truth about the banks, and the sheer scale of mis-selling which went on. Billions of pounds are still owed to millions of us, and this is the message we want people to hear loud and clear. 

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If, like John, you have something to say about the PPI scandal talk to us on Facebook and Twitter. 

And if you think you might be owed money, you can start your claim or get in touch with us to find out more.

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Too controversial for TV

As well as our main TV ads, we’ve also created a set of controversial ‘banned ads’ which were deliberately created for online use only and will be released throughout the campaign. 

Banned TV Adverts

Billions are still owed to millions of people.

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