What is PPI?


Billions of PPI is still owed to millions. We'll help you get it back.

Didn't want it, didn't need it

PPI was an insurance product that was sold alongside credit agreements. It wasn’t just loans and credit cards, but also agreements such as, mortgages, secured loans, store cards, catalogues and car finance. It was supposed to help the customer keep up payments on their credit agreements if they became sick or unemployed.

These policies attracted huge commissions for the banks and providers, and almost all of the profit they made on loans and other credit agreements came from the commission they earned selling PPI.

High pressure sales tactics, and in some cases compulsory purchase, were used to sell these policies on an industrial scale to people who didn’t really want or need them. In the worst cases, the customer wouldn’t even be eligible to claim on their policy.

How do I know if I was mis-sold PPI?

We believe all PPI was mis-sold. In fact, the “PPI scandal” should never have been allowed to happen in the first place.

PPI was very expensive and many of the things you’d have expected it to cover, simply weren’t covered. It didn’t even offer good value for money, but nobody was told this.

It’s time for the banks to own up and be honest. If PPI was sold, it was mis-sold, plain and simple. And we’re more than happy to debate this with anyone because we know we can prove our point.

Although it carries a stigma of nuisance PPI, it shouldn’t be viewed like that. In fact, the only scam is when it was sold by the banks.

At We Fight Any Claim, we’re leading the way in reclaiming the money owed, and we’ll continue to fight to ensure consumers get the justice they deserve.

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Billions are still owed to millions of people.

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