Whether it’s £750 or £75,000, it all adds up. So, when our customers get back the money they are owed, it not only means we’ve helped them fight for justice, it can be a genuinely life changing experience.

Often our customers don't expect to get anything back and it can come as a real shock when they do. In fact, 84% of our successful customers didn’t even think they’d been mis-sold PPI* before starting the process with us.

Thanks to the hundreds of people who have shared their stories and experiences with us. We love to hear how the money we’ve helped them fight for has taken them around the world, brought them closer to loved ones or helped make life easier at home.

*Figures relate to the month of May 2017

Mrs Kelly from Ayr

Thank you so much for all your help in getting back PPI from my store cards. I was very pleased with the amount, I had forgotten about one of the cards that I got money back from! This was really easy, no endless forms to fill in or constant phone calls looking for more details which are hard to remember. Thanks again.


Mrs Kempe from Helston

I would like to thank you all the persons dealing with my claim for their advice, always being available for any queries, also the way they really did fight my corner. The money I received will be some security as myself and my husband are pensioners.


Mrs Young from Birmingham

Thank you so much for the way you have dealt with my husband and myself, you made it so easy. We could never have done it without your help. The compensation will help us tremendously as we are both retired now and on a fixed income that doesn’t leave much over for luxuries. We will be using the money for new carpets and if possible, some left over for a rainy day.


Mrs Beveridge from Exeter

The WFAC team were friendly and professional and worked hard to get me compensation for my mis-sold PPI. I was informed every step of the way when making my claim. I received my money then I paid the fee to the company, nothing was taken without complete success. I would definitely recommend We Fight Any Claim to friends and family.


Mrs Keogh from Bolton

Thank you very much for all your help in getting us money for the PPI which we wouldn’t have go on our own. We are going to Florida in March this year and the money that you help us get is a great help. Once again, thanks to everyone.


Mrs Woodbridge from Birmingham

When I received your calls, I thought I hadn’t any PPI owed to me as I had already been paid out from the bank. Your help informed me I could apply for more and I am so glad I took the time to answer all the questions and then was very pleased with the outcome. I am now not in my overdraft and am not paying unnecessary bank charges. Thank you very much. You were patient and helpful all the way through.


Mr Chisolm from Cumbria

Well it was easy, you rang me, I gave you a list and you did the rest. It was a great surprise to learn that we were getting that amount. It will be used for home improvements that would have taken the best part of this year. It has made life a little bit better. Thank you.


Mrs Bentley from Hertfordshire

We were very pleased with our payment - the way it was done professionally and quickly. If it wasn’t for your first phone call, we would not have known we had anything to come back. Thank you very much.


Mr Hall from Biggleswade

I found the service to be excellent throughout the process. The communication was good both over the phone and by letter. The funds will be used to go towards my father’s funeral expenses which will be due in the next couple of weeks. The compensation came as a great surprise to me and I’m very glad that I took the plunge and went ahead with the service. Thank you very much for all your help.


Mrs Holland from Middlesbrough

I was very pleased with the money we received. It was a total shock that I got that much money as I thought because I had already paid the card off, I would not be entitled to anything. Every time I needed to ask a question, I phoned and was dealt with very professionally and I was very satisfied with the company and would recommend any time. The money gives us piece of mind and gives us a little net to fall back on if we need it.


Mrs Thomson from Kilbirnie

Thank you so much for all your help. I have put the money in the bank. Nice to have something behind you. It was very easy to do. Would recommend anyone to do the same.


Mrs Hunter from Hillsborough

I knew that I had PPI insurance in the 1990’s. I had no paperwork and I could not remember who I had PPI with. I contacted WFAC and gave them my details over the phone. Within a short time WFAC recovered money from two companies with whom I had PPI insurance. I received several hundred pounds from these two companies, money that I would not have got without WFAC.