Whether it’s £ 750 or £ 75,000, it all adds up. So when our customers get back the money they are owed, it not only means we’ve helped them fight for justice, it can be a genuinely life changing experience.

Often our customers don't expect to get anything back and it can come as a real shock when they do. In fact 82% of our successful customers didn’t even think they’d been mis-sold PPI before starting the process with us.

Thanks to the hundreds of people who have shared their stories and experiences with us. We love to hear how the money we’ve helped them fight for has taken them around the world, brought them closer to loved ones or helped make life easier at home.

Thank you for your assistance in obtaining compensation. After dealing with a previous company, I was unsure of going ahead but your staff were helpful on the telephone and were not too pushy. Your letters were worded pleasantly and business like and were not demanding information which we could not remember. I would recommend We Fight Any Claim as an excellent company to have to assist with claiming compensation. Thank you, the money will be put in savings.


I was initially reluctant to engage a company to check my PPI. I had contacted all the companies I remembered about two years ago but they all said I did not have a claim. When WFAC contacted me I thought I'd give it a go. I haven't received large amounts but that is not the point. What WFAC show is that 'going alone' will not always work. I'll be spending my new found pennies on some beer!


I was convinced I would not qualify for PPI compensation. It was a wonderful surprise to receive it. We Fight Any Claim made the whole process stress free. All staff I spoke to were extremely polite and helpful. Thank you so much.


I am delighted with the speed and efficiency with which our claim was resolved, and the resulting compensation results have made a wonderful difference to our finances. We have been able to book a cruise for my £70 birthday, apart from other things. Thank you so much for all your work on our behalf.


Very happy with the outcome as another company said I was not entitled to any money. Very disappointed with Barclays as I requested not to have PPI. The money will be spent on home improvements.


Firstly considering I had actively dismissed the whole PPI thing as nonsense, "I didn't have any PPI anyway," I can't praise the professionalism of everyone I have had dealings with at We Fight Any Claim - "Brilliant". The refunds I have received will allow my wife and I some peace of mind that we can put something back into our savings and even pay for a week's holiday to recharge our batteries. It will even allow us to make a lump sum payment off the mortgage to reduce our monthly payment. Thank you all very much.


They lifted me up when I needed it! professional + well trained + well mannered! Thank you for the happiness you all have gave me!


Never thought I was owed PPI until I spoke to a young lady from your company. She explained everything to me in lay man terms and sent me some forms. I filled in and sent back. From start to finish my claim took very little time your staff were really helpful when I phoned with any concerns. (A very pleasant and helpful experience, pain free) I wish to thank you and your staff for all your help. I would recommend you to my friend anytime.


Dear Sir or Madam

I would like to thank you from my heart for your help in winning my claim. It is nice to know there are people like you ready to help someone like me who had no idea of what I was paying. I hope many more people will be as lucky as I was. I am going to use the money to pay off my water bill. May I say thank you again.