Our largest
single payout to date


Billions are still owed to milions for mis-sold PPI. We Fight Any Claim are leading the fight to recover the money which hasn’t been paid back. Maybe you had a loan, store card or mortgage which had PPI attached to it. Or maybe like many of our customers, PPI was sold to you with a credit card. One of our customers recently got a pay out of £67,503 back for mis-sold PPI sold alongside a Barclaycard credit card. We’re on a mission to help millions more people get back the money they are owed.

These credit agreements may have had PPI attached:

  • - Credit Cards
  • - Unsecured Loans
  • - Mortgages
  • - Secured Loans
  • - Hire Purchase Agreements
  • - Store Cards

Chances are you don’t know you were even affected by PPI. That’s what 98% of our successful customers thought too. You can hear some of their stories here.

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Top 10 Credit Card Victories

Customer compensation from Credit Cards*
NameFromTotal Offer
Mrs W Blackburn £72,495.74
Mr R London £67,503.33
Mr R London £66,830.90
Mr H Ringwood £56,597.17
Mrs D Ayr £46,220.82
Mr A Isle of Man £44,804.45
Mr F Addlestone £43,815.55
Mr J Newport £41,470.95
Mrs T Newcastle Upon Tyne £40,236.59
Mr C London £39,329.12
*Values correct to September 2016

Top 10 Mortgage Victories

Customer compensation from Mortgage Agreements*
NameFromTotal Offer
Mrs C Buntingford £31,217.37
Mrs W Sittingbourne £28,217,49
Mr G Maldon £26,553.75
Mrs G Abingdon £22,781.33
Mrs S Liverpool £21,425.36
Mr S London £20,558.74
Mr R Maidenhead £20,307.71
Mrs H Warrington £19,938.97
Mrs T Perth £18,568.18
Mrs S Accrington £18,548.85
*Values correct to September 2016

Top 10 Hire Purchase Victories

Customer compensation from Hire Purchase Agreements*
NameFromTotal Offer
Mrs S Telford £23,274.10
Mr M Haverhill £18,484.07
Mrs H Bilston £16,639.68
Mrs S Peterlee £14,454.97
Mrs A Abergele £11,868.37
Mrs S Sowerby Bridge £10,643.73
Mrs H Benfleet £10,321.49
Mr V Manchester £10,094.50
Mr O Catterick Garrison £10,033.90
Mrs R Northampton £9,651.12
*Values correct to September 2016

Top 10 Unsecured Victories

Customer compensation from Unsecured*
NameFromTotal Offer
Mrs R Rotherham £52,439.90
Mrs W Gloucester £33,133.56
Mr H Reading £30,368.21
Mrs W Grimsby £30,334.71
Mrs C Brackley £29,978.45
Mrs H Dumfries £29,488.51
Mr W Pudsey £29,468.59
Mr S Carlisle £28,924
Mrs C Willenhall £28,262.06
Mr R Prescot £28,130.97
*Values correct to September 2016

Top 10 Secured Victories

Customer compensation from Secured Loan agreements*
NameFromTotal Offer
Dr D Withernsea £23,737.33
Mr W Oxford £23,168.72
Mrs H Walsall £22,780.16
Mr J Doncaster £20,711.62
Mrs S Perth £20,213.79
Mr M Newport £17,875.65
Mr J Edinburgh £17,733.85
Mr L Glasgow £17,267.03
Mr S Middlesbrough £16,575.26
Mrs H Chelsmford £15,370.14
*Values correct to September 2016

Top 10 Store Card Victories

Customer compensation from Store Card agreements*
NameFromTotal Offer
Mrs O Telford £47,363.47
Mrs S Leeds £40,353.22
Mrs W Harrow £34,084.96
Mrs M Hampton £32,936.88
Mr O Liverpool £27,006.50
Mrs P Grimsby £25,875.19
Mrs D Richmond £25,360.82
Mrs R Manchester £23,085.29
Mrs N Aberdeen £23,044.40
Mrs R Shrewsbury £22,039.13
*Values correct to September 2016