PPI on Loans

PPI On Loans

Was Payment Protection Insurance added to your loan agreement without your knowledge? Or perhaps your policy wasn’t explained fully to you? There are many ways PPI was mis-sold and you may be entitled to compensation.

PPI on Credit Cards

PPI On Credit Cards

PPI is designed to cover credit and store card repayments in the event of an accident, sickness or unemployment. However, the cover has been widely mis-sold to millions- If you have been mis-sold PPI it is your right to reclaim what is rightfully yours.

PPI on Mortgages

PPI On Mortgages

PPI is often sold alongside mortgages, but in some cases the insurance was mis-sold to people who found it unsuitable, did not need it or did not know they were paying for it- you could be entitled to compensation from your lender.

PPI on Loans

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PPI on Loans

PPI Quick Facts

The mis-selling of Payment Protection Insurance has been described as Britain’s biggest financial scandal of all time. The total amount set aside by UK banks to compensate victims of the scandal now stands at a colossal £22 billion.


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